Sauti Sol’s Chimano Isn’t Making His Relationship Public Anytime Soon

Austin Chimano of the famous boy band, Sauti Sol, has said he would never make his relationship public.

The mellow voiced artiste says his partner prefers being behind the scenes and Chimano respects that.

Speaking during an interview , Chimano was asked if he plans on officiating his union any time soon, to which he responded;

‘That I will keep to myself. One step at a time, But that part of my life I want to keep it to myself. If you ever find out well and good. I keep that to myself because it involves people who don’t want to be in the limelight.’

Sauti Sol Boy Band Austin Chimano
Sauti Sol Boy Band Austin Chimano

Chimano came out as a gay man late last year, he decided to come out as ‘hiding can become tiring’.

‘It was about time, everyone has something they put in their own closet. It might be insecurity over their body weight or their sexuality’.

Source: Mpasho

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