Coachella: I Sought Permission From George Darko To Sample His Song

Sarkodie’s new single, ‘Coachella’, features a line from George Darko’s Odo colour.

According to the rapper, this brilliant move would have no implications as all requirements have been satisfied.

Speaking with Giovani Caleb on 3FM Drive, Sarkodie laid off any apprehension about the recognisable line in his song. According to the artist, you cannot be called out as a song thief if you go through the right way.

He also mentioned that he would expect the same treatment if anybody decides to use his work. He said,

“You have to seek the consent of whoever owns the right to the music. that is the same way that I would like to be treated. Even when I am old or gone, I would want my Titi and MJ to get some credit or revenue from people trying to use my work.”

Sarkodie admitted that he probably would not have done the right thing when he started his career. But the music industry has evolved to embrace the business side of the craft. So before you use someone’s work, you have to seek consent and follow the terms and requirements.

He reiterated that you must fulfill all requirements before you release the song.

“And that is exactly what we did with Odo Colour. Big shouts to Daddy George Darko for making it smooth for us. We had a conversation. And he had his credit on as a writer, because that line was written by him. And that is the best way to go about it. ”



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