Sarkodie Orders Sammy Gyamfi To Take Down Insensitive Tweet

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Rapper Sarkodie has added his voice to the outrage caused by a political stalwart in protest against the compilation of the new voters’ register which takes off today, June 2, 2020.

Whiles the world march in solidarity against racism following the gruesome murder of George Floyd, Communications Director for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) posted a remade imagery of the unfortunate incident which took place in Minneapolis last week.

As always, social media users did not spare the politician. His post was deemed as insensitive and nothing but a way to score cheap political points.

The nation’s leading opposition party, NDC has been against the compilation of a new voters’ register since it was proposed and have on many occasions said they would do anything to stop the process.

Sammy Gyamfi took to social media to share his post and captioned it: #ICantBreathe #ECMustListen.

Despite the backlash, the politician defended his post by tweeting another post.

Sarkodie upon seeing the post, ‘quote-retweeted’ and admonished his ‘brother’ to take the post down.

“Naa my brother we all go wrong sometimes… I will believe your intention wasn’t to joke with these serious n very sensitive issues, but you still wrong just do what’s right…. retract n take it down”

At the time of this publication, Sammy Gyamfi had not taken the post down.


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