Sarkodie Opens Up On How He Was Racially Abused In Germany

The issue of racism has always been in existence since time immemorial as white have always felt superior over blacks.

In spite of the numerous protests that have been carried out against such an evil act, it still lingers in our society. It’s serious to the extent that black celebrities across the globe still suffer instances of racism.

In a recent development, Ghana’s most decorated rapper, Sarkodie has opened up on his encounter with a racist immigration official during a trip to Germany.

Narrating his ordeal during an interview with Vlad Tv, Sarkodie said,

“There was a situation where I was going to visit my family in Germany and at the immigration, an officer pulled me aside for holding an Italian officer,” he told Vlad TV. I didn’t know it was a crime because it was a Schengen Visa and I could go to anywhere in Europe. He pulled me aside and questioned me about why am I using an Italian visa to enter Germany, and I asked if that was wrong. He said ‘no’ but wants to understand why, and I said ‘just because I wanna come to Germany”. Sarkodie disclosed.

“And he said straight to my face that ‘I know Africans are poor, so how are you going to take care of yourself while you are here?”. He added.

Sarkodie revealed how angry he became angry and almost lost control.



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