Sarah- Kabu’s Eldest Daughter Should Apologize For Taking My Kids

Businesswoman Sarah Kabu is still not on good terms with Simon Kabu’s firstborn daughter.

Two months ago, Sarah took to her Whatsapp saying Simon had taken her two children away and she did not have an access to them.

In an interview with at Akothee’s book and EP launch, Sarah opened up saying things have not been ironed out from her side.

Sarah Kabu

Sarah said Kabu’s daughter is a total stranger to her and therefore, she demands an apology from her for taking her children.

“I was trending because I was defending my children I feel they are very precious and nobody should pull such a string just because you have some rights,” she said.

“That one was something that even the strongest woman that you see, if you really want to touch her or shake her, touch her children.”

Sarah said that was one of the most difficult phases that she has ever gone through in her motherhood journey.

“I had never imagined that someone can come pick my kids and go with them without my permission. When it happened I became like that chicken who defends her chicks,” she said.

She said at the time, nothing mattered than having control of her children back.

“It took me 10 good days without access to my children and it was traumatizing. People would only see one post but I was going through a tough time.”

Sarah added that there is still unsettled issues she does not post on her social media.

“Everything has not been ironed since I have not received an apology from the girl and there are still other dramas happening but people just see the tip of the iceberg on social media you don’t the big issues,” she said.

“There are a lot of dramas happening in the family which I will not want to discuss on social media but I am a strong woman I now I will be able to sort it off social media.”

On whether she is expecting a child, Sarah was coy to discuss the topic but said she ‘hoped so’.

“When the right time come we will speak about it.”

Sarah said the reason she spoke about her marriage drama was that she did not want people to judge her.

“It is good to be open as people may misjudge you. Some saw me as a jealous step mum but have you ever imagined your children sleeping somewhere you don’t know, them being undressed by someone you don’t know,” she said.

“She could be my husband’s daughter but we have no relationship. She is a total stranger and her undressing my children, was scary.

As much as I am strong, when it comes to my children I am very soft.”

Asked if her marriage is okay, Sarah said;

“We are okay with Simon, but we are yet to sit down and I am yet to receive an apology and we are yet to sit and finalise the issues. I will say 90% we are okay.”

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Kabu said people should stop listening to things said online.

Source: Classic 105

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