Sarah Kabu Reveals Ben 10’s Are Sliding Into Her DM

Sarah Kabu says her DM is full of young men hitting on her since she announced she was no longer married.

In an interview with Christina Lewis The Voice Of East Africa, Sarah said she was not raised to depend on a man nor could she lower herself to be in Ben 10 relationships.

“My inbox is flooding and I’m like OMG! Why would I start raising a grown man, by giving him pocket money and my card to use? I thank God my mum didn’t raise me to rely on a man…she taught me how to work hard,” she said.

Sarah Kabu

Sarah who was addressing the issue of slay queens wished they were not there.

“I would love to live in a world without slay queens because they can give you sleepless nights.”

Sarah maintained she has been faithful in her marriage to Kabu and even after their separation, they will continue being friends.

“We are friends and now partners in crime so you are still friends and it becomes so hard to leave someone. It is a journey. Even after separation, I have been faithful. I find it awkward to be with someone else. We have had challenges like for 10 years, we sort out things many times,” she said.

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