Samidoh Recalls A Day He Was Conned Then Assaulted in Gikomba

Mugithi maestro Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh has shared memories of the day he was conned while he was a newcomer in Nairobi city.

Samodoh posted a TBT photo accompanied by a moving narration of the unfortunate event when he was working back in Gikomba.

According to him, the experience taught him to be streetwise before he made a breakthrough in his career.

“There was this time I was employed as a vendor in Gikomba Market. I have gone through a lot in this Nairobi to a point that when I see someone dropping money I cant pick it up.

It was at this time when I was I was walking along OTC road when two people walked past me speaking English before a lady in casual reached me up.

One of the gentlemen said that he was carrying Mercury and that he was feeling a bit dizzy and fainted. The other gentlemen requested us to help him as he handed me a bag that contained the mercury,” Samidoh shared.

Musician Samidoh

The cons duped Samidoh and later assaulted him.

“Back then I had heard that Mercury and Gold in Nairobi are very expensive. The lady told me to steal the bag as she knew a good place where we would sell the Mercury and become rich. As naive as I was I believed and followed the lady to a room where we would sell the mercury.

On reaching the room, I was badly beaten and told to run away while sounding like a car and if I looked back, they would kill me,” he added.

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