‘Samidoh Huniangusha Lakini Hajawai Angusha Watoto’ – Karen Nyamu Speaks On Co-Parenting

Karen Nyamu heaped praise on her baby daddy Samidoh whom she said is a great dad to their two children.

Speaking during an interview on Vybez Radio, Nyamu noted that Samidoh had let her down multiple times but stressed that he has never disappointed her as a father to their two children.

The mother of three noted that she was still very single even though she was co-parenting with Samidoh.

“I am very single but of cause me and him have children and one thing about the father of my children Samidoh is he might not be many things but he is a responsible dad,” Nyamu said.

Karen Nyamu

The nominated senator added that Samidoh does what he is supposed to do as a father whether she is talking to him or not, adding that even if she ignores him he still sends her money to cater for the kids.

“He does what he is supposed to do about the children whether or not I am talking to him. Ata nkimlenga akijua for example mtoto anaanza shule ata contribute, atatoa doh… As in hizi ni vitu yeye hufanya. Kwangu yeye huniangusha lakini hajawai angusha watoto,” Nyamu said.

Asked if she will get Samidoh’s replacement, Karen Nyamu said;

“I don’t put anything off my table and I don’t check off anything. You never know nawezakuta kababaz nikapende sana.”

Asked about the type of man she wants, Nyamu said;

“I like energetic people, someone full of life mtu down for wherever. Tukiamua leo tuende Mombasa ‘uko serious? Ehh twende’. Si ule ati lazima tupange three weeks from now. As in me I am just spontaneous and so I like a spontaneous energetic person.”

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