Samidoh denies being gifted 420K alcohol by bae Karen Nyamu

Mugithi artist Samidoh has denied being gifted a drink worth 420K by his baby mama Senator Karen Nyamu.

The nominated senator and Samidoh have two kids.

Samidoh had shared a photo of him with a bee mug captioning

“Waweru Uyu na Kajei Salim kumbe hizo maswali zenu mingi za kifala ni za captain morgan.Because beer doesn’t ask silly questions buanaNdi muthiga ukai muhuure.”

Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu

A fan questioned whether what was in the cup was the drink Karen bought him 

“ThamweriHio ni ile ya 420kBado iko kwa fridge 362”

Samidoh responded that he wasn’t bought anything

“Hehe hizo ni vipindiree za social media usichukulie serious sana.naweza rogwa bure.”


In  a previous TitTok session, Sue Gachambi had called out the politician for lying about gifting her baby daddy.

In the video seen by this Writer, Nyamu could be seen entering a liquor store –asking for the Most expensive alcohol they have in their store.

“Nimekuja kununulia mbabaz pombe ya father’s day. Nataka ile ya dooh mob kabisaa for mbabaz.

 The most expensive one kabisaa, nataka kubuiya mbabaz,” she lively told the store attendant as she walked around the vast enterprise looking around.

The store attendant walked her through showing her different bottles ranging from 210k to 420K.

Karen could be heard joking that the 420k bottle of cognac was the equivalent of buying a Toyota Vitz.

She then proceeded to get almost half a million bottles of Remy Martin’s 700ml Louis XIII cognac for her mubabaz. The store attendant excitedly showed Karen how to open the liquor box as they casually conversed.

Without blinking an eye, Karen went ahead and paid for the bottle of cognac which comes in a regal red box with black on the sides and a golden crown in the middle in full using her credit card, then proceeded to take a photo of the liquor.

Sharing a screenshot of the receipt of the purchase on her Instagram stories the politician proudly showed off her purchase probably in a bid to silence any doubting Thomas as well.

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