Sakaja Invites Whistling TikToker To City Hall

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has expressed interest in meeting viral TikToker Priscilla wa Imani.

In the TikTok video, Priscilla wa Imani is heard loudly expressing her interest in meeting the city boss.

“Priscilla wa Imani niko Nairobiii… Sakajaaaa… Sakaja weee… Priscilla wa Imani anakutafuta Sakaja weeee….,” the viral TikToker is heard saying amidst loud whistling.


Governor Sakaja has since replied with his own video, inviting her to City Hall.

“Priscilla wa Imani… whistling…. Unafanya nini Nyamakima? Toka hapo.. Niko City Hall, kuja City Hall.”

Priscilla Wa Imani has been trending since her video whistling loudly at various places went viral.

In one of her viral videos, she asked Maina Kageni to send her bus fare with allegations that she was stranded in Nairobi.

The video has since reached to the popular media personality.

According to his social media platforms, Maina updated his fans suggesting that he was in talks with her.

Maina who shared the viral video said he had sent the bus Fare and even included lunch to Priscilla.

He asked to meet her in one of the flyovers at 3:00pm on the dot.

“🤣🤣🤣🤣 …aisee Priscilla wa Imani, we have a date. Nimekutumia fare pamoja na lunch. Kuja tupatane flyover saa tisa on the dot!!!!!!”

The mother of three was recently interviewed by SPM Buzz revealing that she is a gospel singer although no media house in Kenya has ever played her music.

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