‘Don’t Introduce Your Child To Every Man You Meet’-Tedd Josiah Advices Single Women

Kenyan entrepreneur and former music producer Tedd Josiah has shared some shrewd advice to single women.

The widower, who has self-raised his daughter since she was 3 months, has had a vast experience in the parenting sector. His wife passed on in October 2017.

Anyway, Tedd has warned single mothers against introducing their children from every new partners they come across, maintaining that it tarnishes their relationship.

Tedd Josiah

Taking to his Instagram, he wrote a detailed piece;

”For single parents relationships aren’t easy to start with new people cause u have to safeguard your child from a lot. All be ur having the same need to be loved 🥰 and have a person by ur side.”

He continued to share the ramifications of not taking care of your child’s privacy and wrote;

”Many ladies specially can’t speak up on this cause they are already being seen as social misfits because of their children.

Everyone needs love but as u search for love make sure it’s the right kind of love ordained by God so u don’t break again and ur child doesn’t grow up confused”

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