Robert Burale: My Girl Dumped Me Via A Song

Relationship coach and motivational speaker Robert Burale has disclosed that a lady has ever dumped him via a love song.

The prolific speaker had been asked if he’s ever been heartbroken or dumped by a lady before.

In an interview with Dr Ofweneke on his Youtube show the father of one also talked about his close relationship with his daughter.

“I have ever been dumped with a song called It Must Have Been Love But It’s Over Now by Roxette, many many years ago, I was in high school,” he said.


The speaker declined to mention the lady’s name because he believed she was watching the show. He also added that he’s bumped into the lady a few times, and he said hello to her because he healed from that experience.

Burale also shared the kind of woman he is attracted to and explained that she must be someone who knows herself in Christ.

When asked about his relationship with his daughter Lexie, he said he is glad he has been a friend and a dad to her.

“I may be a pastor, counsellor, CEO but to my daughter, I am a father. And I seat here with confidence to say I have seen the benefits of being a friend to my daughter. It has build the confidence of the girl to levels that you’ll never ever imagine, and her social skills,” he added.

Source: Tuko

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