Risper Faith To Undergo Another Surgery To Look Petite

Nowadays, celebrities do not shy away from revealing that they are undergoing cosmetic surgeries.

Murugi Munyi, Vera Sidika, and Risper Faith are among the few celebrities who have openly talked about their cosmetic surgeries.

Risper Faith now says that she is planning to undergo a gastric bypass after she failed lipo.

Risper Faith

Taking it to Instagram, she wrote:

“When I do my mini gastric bypass it’s over for you bit***es…Happy Tuesday.”

The mini-gastric bypass technique shrinks the stomach, limiting the amount of food that may be consumed.

Risper has previously shown interest in getting gastric bypass surgery.

In August 2021, the former socialite said that her procedure (gastric bypass) would cost a whopping Ksh850,000 and that her spouse Brian Njunge would cover the entire bill.

She underwent liposuction surgery in November 2020 with the hopes of removing excess fat from her body and putting an end to her weight troubles, but the treatment did not produce the desired results.

Her stomach and lower back were both drained of eight litres of fat.

Another celebrity,Kate Actress recently shared with her followers that she would undergo a gastric bypass.

According to Kate, she was declared Class One obesity.

kate-actress kenya

Kate decided to educate her followers about the procedure maintaining that it is not cosmetic surgery but a lifestyle change.

She wrote:

“Gastric baloon! Why Kate? Did you know obesity causes more than 60 diseases according to WHO? I knew I had to make better choices for myself when I checked into a health facility and I was declared class one obesity bordering class 2. To be honest, I had let myself go. If msichana mrembo appetite ya fundi ya mjengo was a person. I had a consultation session with.”

“We do not offer comestic procedure here. We offer a total lifestyle change. She, however, gave me options on how to go about healthier life. Among them was the gastric balloon which I qualified for, (yes you must qualify).

“The balloon occupies about 15 to 20% depending on your stomach size. It’s 500ml. Your stomach can hold up to 3 litres This means you feel full so you eat less. (Portion control ) thus resulting to weight loss. I chose the Gastric balloon.”

The actress said that she will soon share her experience on a youtube channel.

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