Ringtone: Willy Paul And Jovial Won’t Last A Week

Controversial musician Ringtone is casting doubt on Willy Pauls new found love with singer Jovial.

Joviala nd Pozee have been teasing fans with cozy pictures that suggest they are now dating.

In one photo, the jigi jigi singer states

“I’ve always wanted to date someone like me, a fellow musician. Look at me and my toto. Beyonce na Jayz itabidi wamekujia classes. “


Willy Paul is so spell bound he added

“Yesterday I said this ain’t no clout, it’s true we’re dating.On Monday we tested our chemistry musically. Told my baby to open up and tell me how she feels about bwana mkunaji in a song… she gave me the same test… soon we will let you all be the judges. MAPENZI NAYO UKIPATA BOSS UNASAHAU KILA KITU WALAHI.”;

Ringtone on Thursday September 29, expressed disbelief about their romance.

“Mtaachana tu” he told Eve Mungai on her youtube channel.

Willy Paul and Ringtone are frenemies and just to add how he thinks Willy Paul is clout chasing, Ringtone said

“Willy Paul haezi ka na Jovialbecause the two of them Jovial anapenda wanaume, na Willy Paul anapenda wanawake”

“those two cannot last, hawawezi kaa pamoja. And if you think chairman *pointing at himself* is lying I guarantee you hata they wont last a week”

Why is Ringtone convinced about a short lived relationship?

“Hao hata hawezi pendana hata wiki. . I know the two of them personally they are two people who one goes a different side, another goes another side they can’t last one week”

Insisting he knows better than KOT, Ringtone told Mungai

“Just listen to me, they wont last . I am not a hater my problem is that I am an honest man, napenda kusema ukweli”

Willy Paula and Jovial have released their video for the collabo dubbed ‘lalala’. September 30.

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