‘Rashid Is The Disciplinarian,’ – Lulu Hassan

Media personality Lulu Hassan has revealed contrary to what many believe her husband Rashid Abdallah is the disciplinarian.

The mother of three says she is the calm one. Speaking during an interview with SPM Buzz she shared,

“I am the easy one, the kids would rather talk to me. The dad is a disciplinarian.

It’s a good thing because if both of us we soft it wouldn’t be nice. People have an assumption that Rashid is soft but he is the opposite.”


Lulu recently revealed that it was Kanze Dena who suggested that Rashid Abdalla replaces her after she landed a job at State House.

“At the time, only the MD and I knew Kanze was going to State House and so we were trying to see who in the stations could be a great replacement and we looked around and we could not find anyone,” she said.

Lulu said they needed someone with similar chemistry to the one she had with her friend Kanze.

“Our chemistry on-air was very good. It was like no other. We were thinking and even the boss said we needed someone we had a rapport with because you can’t force a relationship on air,” she said.

“We sat there thinking. It was during a retreat. We were seated and we broke the news and everyone was shocked.”

They didn’t find one whose chemistry would match what they had. Kanze suggested they poach Rashid who was then working for NTV.

“We looked for one in all the stations but there was none. Then Kanze said. What if we poached Rashid? He was on NTV, that would cover that chemistry.

At first, there was a mixed reaction. He was fine with it as he was even coming to a number one TV station. There was no way he would refuse.”

Lulu also denied claims she has ever funded Rashid’s lifestyle. She said that the two have always been making a similar amount of money, contrary to what social media users keep saying.

“It’s just that one was brought up in town and the other was brought up in a different setup.”

Speaking about her friendship with Kanze, the mother of three said she met Kanze when she was a shy lady who didn’t go out much.

“Right now, Kanze is the type of person who will walk into a room and you will feel her presence. She is talkative and vibrant, everyone notices her when she walks into any room,” she said.

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