Rapper Khaligraph Now Wants Ruto To ‘Protect’ Raila

The late great Danish author Hans Christian Andersen once said, “Where words fail, music speaks,” and Kenyan hip hop heavyweight Khaligraph Jones has lived true to this message.

Khaligraph on Thursday sought to pass a message to President-elect William Ruto following his ascension to the top seat – against all odds – after the General Election.

And, while most prominent personalities have opted for long winded statements on social media, Khaligraph has congratulated Ruto though what he knows best; music.

Khaligraph And Ruto

In a new freestyle dubbed ‘Usiache Akemewe,’ the rapper commends Ruto for his exploits and urges him to pursue reconciliation with his main opponent at the August polls, Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party chief Raila Odinga.

According to Khaligraph, Odinga – who has now lost five presidential elections – has gone through enough and does not deserve the kind of mockery he is being subjected to by a section of Kenyan social media users.

This, he opines, can only stop if Ruto himself extends to him an olive branch and incorporates him into his government, thereby insulating and protecting him from online bile.

“First of all congratulations, God has granted you victory so you can lead this nation / I admire the fact that you’ve been hella patient, as you assume your role I hope you get this information,” Khaligraph opens the song.

“There’s an issue that only you can address, reconciliation – that’s what we need to start afresh/ And you’re a Man of God so you know how to do it best, juu sai wanatusi Raila na kuna vile inanistress.”

He adds:

“Mr. Hustler, Yes, a man of integrity / Bring the people together ‘coz chuki sai si necessity. Baba is being attacked, some people calling him names / But you can change this narrative ‘coz you’ve been through the same.”

The ‘Blue Ink’ record label boss further implores Ruto to look back at when his critics harangued and told him he wouldn’t clinch the seat but went ahead to do it anyway through what he terms as “the grace of God.”

He, in turn, wants the President-elect to learn from this and not repeat such mistakes, hence welcome Odinga with open arms as he also has been through what the former premier is undergoing presently.

“Remember when they told you hauwezi keti kwa hiyo kiti? But Mungu ni nani, ona sai umefika hapo juu,” raps Khaligraph.

“Omba letu kama wananchi ni ati tu uweke Baba fiti, ‘coz I know you understand what that man is going through.”

The OG, as he is popularly known, adds that Odinga’s fifth stab and loss at the presidential seat has stressed his mother to an extent she did not pick his calls and now feels sick.

He however states that

“I told her that I know you, we ni mtu roho safi/ A Christian who always wants to make God happy. And I bet He will be happier ukicheza kama wewe / Tuprotectie huyu maze, usiache akemewe.”

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