Rapper DNA Opens Up on the Tragic Loss of His Son

Kenyan Rapper Dennis Kaggia popularly known as DNA has opened up on losing his young son Jamaal Ali Waweru in 2018.

Jamaal Ali Waweru lost his life after drowning in the school’s swimming pool on March 26, 2018.

The young boy was rushed to Nairobi Women’s hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Rapper DNA
Rapper DNA

Speaking in an interview with POV podcast Ke, the veteran rapper shared how losing his son hit him hard, got him depressed for a very long time to a point that he almost lost his other children.

“It hit me hard. You know my baby was everything. There are unusual things like losing a child who was not sick. After losing Jamal, I almost lost my other children due to drowning in the depths of thoughts.”

DNA said he has never opened up about the loss before since speaking about it throws him in deep thoughts.

“To be honest, I don’t like to talk about my son Jamal and how it all happened, because it always throws me into a very deep thought. The other day I saw Jamal’s mother and it gave me peace of mind that none of us could fix what had already happened.”

Speaking about his love life, DNA said he doesn’t believe in love and he doesn’t see himself marrying.

“These love stories are for people who remember. People who have not been heart broken here and there, I feel that I knew much more, I had many experiences that did not allow me to be in a pure relationship. I don’t see myself living with a woman as if we were holding hands while walking, that can’t happen to me. The more I look at myself now, I feel my strength is higher than having just one person. It’s like I’m going to give her a hard time.”

The ‘Banjuka Tu’ hit maker also opened up about how alcoholism affected him and nearly ruined his career, and how he pulled himself together.

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