Proof That Diamond Is Really Good at What He Does to His Women

Let’s admit it, Diamond Platnumz is many things. But, he is certainly very good at what he does best.

Diamond treats his women well, breaks their hearts and then leave them talking about him for as long as it takes them to move on.

Marinate on that in 3 different ways; He treats his women so damn good while it lasts, he is a beast under the sheets and finally, he is a serial heart breaker.

Why else do they talk about him in the manner that they do?

Diamond Zari
Diamond and Zari, PHOTO COURTESY

Here is why:

  • His exes never get over him

Everyone knows Mondi has baby mamas in the whole of East Africa. Whereas some of them don’t see eye to eye, most of them agree that the guy is a douche bag.

They talk about him day in, day out.

From Wema Sepetu to Tanasha, we do not know a single one of his women who hasn’t made headlines over their relationship.

In fact, most recently, Tanasha and Wema recently paired up to question what “men” really want?

If you are thinking what I am thinking, your answer lies within about who they were really referring to.

Zari Hassan. Mama Tiffah has on many incidences addressed his relationship with Diamond.

Usually for her, it is mostly headlines of what a deadbeat father Simba is.

I am not even getting started on his story with Hamisa Mobetto.

  • The heart wants what it wants

It appears the Wasafi boss has a tendency of leaving his women while they are still wanting some more.

No wonder they never seem to move on completely.

Many are the times he has made it known that he has never been dumped by a woman.

In fact, Diamond says he ends his relationships by dropping some kind of dramatic hints that he is no longer interested until the woman packs up and leaves.

First, he made us so sure it was going to be Wema forever, and then Zari was Queen. Before we could process the transition, it was Hamisa’s turn and now Sister Tanasha?

Diamond and Tanasha
Diamond and Tanasha, PHOTO COURTESY
  • Romeo

Whatever it is Chibu did to this women, we might never know. But that won’t stop us from guessing.

He may be a serial heart breaker, but there are also many chances that he is unforgettable for how he treats the women in his life.

We all saw saw how happy they were together during their glory days.

Talk about some cozy videos, good lovin’ in the light day, expensive gifts and surprises…

Aah, the man is romantic. And for that, he deserves the credit.



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