Pritty Vishy: 5 hottest Photos Of Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend

Fast-rising rapper Stivo Simple Boy shook the internet recently when he announced on social media that he had split up with his partner Pritty Vishy.

It was kinda shocking since the breakup news came shortly after Pritty Vishy told the public that Stivo’s management was mishandling him.

More drama would follow after Stivo’s ex-girlfriend shared more details of their troubled relationship before finally calling it quits.

Pritty Vishy

Pritty shared an emotional video where she was seen sobbing on Instagram evoking mixed reactions among netizens.

According to her, their separation was infidelity and she says the ‘Freshi barida’ hitmaker had been cheating on her with another female musician and that she couldn’t handle it any longer.

Pritty Vishy

She would later also reveal that she was a cheat saying she cheated with a mubaba.

Despite the unexpected breakup, she stated that she will continue to support him and his music, and netizens were divided as to whether it was a genuine heartbreak or only a tactic to gain influence.

Pritty Vishy

While you chew on that, fans and netizens have been following the new internet celebrity on social media, and many believe the split has really been beneficial to her.

She’s not only earned new business deals, but she’s also shining and looking great! Is it safe to say that Stevo Simple Boy was the issue? I’ll let you think about that.

Pritty Vishy

Fans have reacted to Pritty’s shine up after an Instagram page recently released a video of her dancing and flashing her curves.

Thus many people were busy fueling her up at first, saying she looked wonderful and that Stivo was the one holding her back from accomplishing everything she had so far.

All we can say is that Pritty Vishy has opted to live her life to the fullest, regardless of what others say or think about her, and that is what we are here for.

Pritty Vishy

Just the other day, word on the street was that the rapper’s ex had also found a substitute for Stivo, and fans couldn’t believe it since- how fast was that!

This comes after she posted a video on Instagram of herself dancing with a handsome gentleman singing a tune that was clearly meant for Stivo. Is she trying to make her ex jealous?

Many people are happy for her, thinking it was excellent that she had moved on from Stivo.

We are here for the glow and can we all agree that she looks really beautiful? I must admit that the break-up did her good.

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