Prankster Nicki Bigfish Allegedly kicked Out Of Apartment For Making Fun Of Caretakers

Popular king of pranks Nicki big fish has been served with a one month notice to vacate his apartment after mocking landlords and caretakers in his latest prank video.

Taking it to his Instagram, the prank master shared a copy of the eviction letter dated today notifying him to vacate from the premises within 30 days.

From a recent clip shared on his youtube channel, the content creator speaks ill of caretakers and landlords mocking them and accusing them of having ill behaviours.

In his videos, Nicki claims that caretakers are used to closing down people’s houses, then switch off their phones.

Salting the wound, he goes ahead and says that if you are late with your payments even for a day they close your doors, cut the electricity and throw your things out of your house.


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They even trash your house if you fail to pay for trash bags and thoroughly beat you when you fail to pay on time.

He states that after doing all these dramatic performances, these landlords and caretakers are in the streets selling bhang and conning people.

Having dragged their names in the mad, the letter stated that the video which is in bad taste is aimed at inciting other tenants to look down on their agents and belittle their stated roles.

The property holders requested the thespian to move out and leave everything as he found it.

Moreover, they would deduct 40,000 thousand Kenyan shillings for repainting the house after he moved out.

He posted a WhatsApp conversation with his landlord, where he told him not to joke with him or his house.

This is not the first time Nicks pranks has gotten him into trouble as a couple of years back he was seriously beaten by bouncers and left to die after calling them weak and useless as their only hope was drugs.

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