Pozee Warns DJ Mo After Calling Out Size 8 For Blocking Him

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Saldido records CEO Willy Paul has taken to Instagram to criticize Size 8 for doing contrary to what she preaches.

Pozee is now vacillating between going after Size 8 or her hubby DJ Mo after complaining about being blocked by size 8 for over 4 years now; and says she did not disclose why. In a video posted by Pozee, he says;

”Nashangaa hii ni gospel gani watu wana blockiana? Coz nili realize Size 8 alini block bila sababu. Kama wewe kweli unajiita mtumishi wa Mungu, lead by example.”

Coming to Size 8’s defense was her hubby, DJ Mo, who replied to Willy’s statement saying;


Willy Paul responded to Dj Mo by telling him to keep off and leave the matter between them;

”Sasa huyu mtu tunaulizana nini? Kama mbaya mbaya, ukweli usemwe tu. Mambo yangu na Size 8 wachana nayo. Wewe ambia serekali ikupatie kazi!! ????”

On the other hand, Size 8 has decided to remain silent on Willy Paul’s claims.

Source: Ghafla

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