Polygamy Is legal, Co-wives Wajuane-Stephen Letoo

Celebrated Citizen TV journalist, Stephen Letoo has delved into the rising cases of murder among married couples in the country, urging women to warm up to polygamy.

According to Letoo, women accepting polygamy is the key to reversing the trend in which married couples turn on each other, sometimes ending in death.

Letoo wrote that

“Polygamy is legal, no need to kill”


He also urged men who fall in love with other partners other than their wives to introduce their lovers to their wives for peaceful coexistence.

“Men are hunters and gatherers. Co-wives wajuane,” He added.

This is not the first time that Letoo is backing polygamy.

In July last year as news made rounds that he had parted ways with the mother of his child, Winnie Nadupoi, the journalist took to Facebook with a post that read:

“Our African tradition allows polygamy. Let us all embrace it”.

A number of prominent Kenyans are in polygamous arrangements and have made the same public.

The country has in recent days been treated to shocking murders with police launching investigations on the same.

Among the most recent cases is the shocking murder of George Mwangi, a Rwanda-based businessman who was murdered in cold blood with police holding his wife as the key suspect.

“After conducting a thorough forensic documentation of the house today, detectives based at the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau, Homicide Department, Forensic Crime Scene and Photographic units have concluded that he was murdered in his bedroom at the top floor,” DCI revealed in a statement.

“Pieces of blood stained metal rods, blood soaked bed sheets, stained curtains and clothing were part of the exhibits that were recovered in the house by the sleuths based at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory,” DCI added in a statement.

In June last year, former Icaciri Girls Secondary School Principal Jane Muthoni was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being found guilty of orchestrating the murder of her husband.

High Court Justice Joel Ngugi stated that he had found Ms Muthoni a vengeful wife who organized and funded the execution of her husband, the former Kiiru Boys High School Principal Solomon Mwangi.

Justice Ngugi noted, however, that there was no evidence to suggest that Muthoni had taken part in the killing of her husband.

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