Pappy Kojo Gives Up, Says He’s Never Coming Back To Ghana

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After his desperate attempts to get Ghanaian authorities to send him back home, rapper Pappy Kojo has rescinded his decisions.

The rapper, born Jason Gaisie, got locked up in Italy when the country went under full lockdown following the staggering figures of coronavirus cases. To add to his woes, his home country also enforced a no fight order making it totally impossible to go back home.

His plight was heard by the Tourism Ministry but there was nothing it could do.

In a surprising turn of event, the T’di rapper has gone back on his words, says he would never return to Ghana. According to him, he is getting used to the place.

All those times I cried and Ghana ignored me, I’m getting used to the lifestyle in Italy now, I sleep with my kicks on, I drink milk every morning and also doing check ups I’m not coming back I’m sorry



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