Otile Brown Promises To Take The Lady Who Tattooed His Name On Her Chest, On A Dinner Date

Kenyan musician Otile Brown has been touched by the gesture of one of his biggest fan and upcoming musician Kach Gal.

Kach Gal shared a video on social media after getting a tattoo of Otile Brown’s name on her chest. She then released a song dedicated to the musician and confessed her love for him.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

Otile Brown who is currently in the United Kingdom, reached out to Kach Gal and thanked her for showing love in such a bold way. He then promised to take her out for a fancy dinner once he is back in the country.

“Don’t mind them. You are amazing, and I appreciate the love. Kienyeji hukua yenyewe. I will take you out for coffee when I return from my trip to London, inshallah. Thank you,” Otile responded, acknowledging the depth of her dedication.

He then shared screenshots of his conversation with the lady who was over the moon that he had reached out and that he was planning on meeting her in person.

This is not the first time a fan has shown love to the musician by drawing his tattoo.

Last year, a fan was captured on video getting a tattoo of Otile Brown’s Face on her back. She had a full portrait of the artist which the tattoo artist was using as a guide.

The fan then went ahead to get another tattoo of Otile Brown’s late grandma on her hand.

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