Otile Brown Explains Why He Posed In A Red Underwear For His Album Cover

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Otile Brown has revealed that him posing half-naked on his latest album cover was not intentional.

Otile, who released his album “Just In Love” last week, surprised his fans when he decided to pose without trousers and instead appeared in red underwear on the cover.

As expected, the stunt had mixed reactions with a majority expressing their displeasure how far the talented singer could go to push his album.

However, in an interview with Radio Presenter, Jalang’o on his YouTube channel, the “Chaguo La Moyo” hitmaker said that he move was no intentional in anyway bu he just wanted it to be different from his other photos in suits.

“I wanted to wear a suit bu felt like people are so used to me wearing suits, so I just took off my pants,”

He said amid laugher from Jalang’o.


Otile has enjoyed massive success in recent years with Billboard ranking him as he mos watched Kenyan artist on youtube.


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