Otile Brown Breathes Fire Over Alleged Mistreatment Of Nigerian Singer Fave

Kenyan musician Otile Brown has protested an alleged mistreatment of Nigerian artiste, Fave who had a show in Kenya.

In a series of statements on her Instagram page, Fave accused a Kenyan promoters of abandoning and refusing to pay her.

Moments after Fave shared her tribulations, Otile Brown urged Kenyan promoters to communicate incase of a problem.

Musicians Otile Brown and Fave of Nigeria

The celebrated musician asked promoters to consider professionalism and good service when handling such big acts.

“I don’t know what really transpired but hata kama kulikua na tatizo lolote, we can always do better. Let us learn to communicate. Tusiwaze leo tu, biashara yoyote inaendeshwa na huduma bora,” Otile Brown wrote.


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Taking to her Instagram page, the musician claimed that the promoter abandoned her and her team and refused to pay her.

As if that was not enough, Fave added that the promoter also cancelled their flight tickets and paid only one night accommodation.

“Everything you did to us since the beginning of this trip, we swallowed. 3 days in Kenya but you only set up a one night accommodation for us

“Now we wanna leave your country and we find out at the airport that you cancelled the flights. Why? Can somebody just tell me why,” Fave wrote on Instagram.

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