Only God Knows The Truth About My Marriage, Says Size 8

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Size 8 has finally spoken out about all the problems sorounding her marriage to DJ Mo.

Her husband DJ Mo has been accused of cheating on her after he was exposed by blogger Edgar Obare with a woman who claimed to have slept with him on several occasions.

In one of the chats, the DJ claims he is cheating on Size 8 because she is slow in bed.

You can view the chats on our Telegram channel here!

This comes just a day, after we reported about their scuffle in public in which turned out to be a set for their reality tv.

But now, Mambo Wambo has come out to address the said bad things that have been said on her marriage maintaining that is is only God who knows the full story.

In a long post on IG, the “Mateke” hitmaker says she has been angry and sad handling things physically but that stage is over.

“What has been said about my marriage has been said whether it is true or not I dont know only God knows the whole truth and we cannot reverse what has been said.”

“I ve been angry and sad handling things physically but that stage is over for the bible says in Ephesians 6:12 we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities rules of darkness mashetani And if any of us fight physically we are bound to fail coz the devil is the main enemy not people.”

Here is the post.

DJ Mo & Size 8 Caught On Camera Shouting At Each Other In Public



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