Ommy Dimpoz Loses Sh1.5M Moments After The Death Of His Ex-Girlfriend

Tanzanian artist is nursing a double tragedy of the loss of his girlfriend Maya Mia and his money which was stolen under unclear circumstances.

The artist took to his Instagram page to tell his fans that despite being in the mourning period, he has also lost a lot of money.

“Yani hata sijapoa na msiba. Jana nimeibiwa dola elfu 13. Almost milioni 30 hiyo lakini nimeamua kumshtakia Allaah” He posted.

Ommy Dimpoz

Dimpoz has shared numerous photos and videos that he took with Mia when they were still together.

Rumours have it that she took her own life although there is no concrete evidence of the allegations.

“I am deeply saddened to think that she is gone, she was a person with a heart of gold, My Maya…You will be missed forever and always. The beautiful moments you shared with us will always speak of the great person that you were. Rest in peace up in heaven! Love You.” He posted on his Instagram page.

Maya Mia also dated Idris Sultan who is a Tanzanian actor he too has taken on his social media pages to eulogise his ex-girlfriend after her demise.

Idris posted a video of himself with Mia with a caption which indicates that he still cherished her despite not being together.

The caption read “We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return” when translated from Muslim.

May her soul rest in eternal peace.

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