Olympic Champion Conseslus Kipruto Is On The Run After Allegedly Eloping With Form 2 Girl

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Conseslus Kipruto, Olympic and world 3000 metres steeplechase champion is being sought after by police officers in Nandi over links with a form two girl.

According to K24, a report was filed at Mosoriot police post by the teenager’s parents indicating that the athlete eloped with their child.

For instance, the parents claim their daughter who had gone missing was staying with the Athlete at his home in Chesumei.

The teenager had gone missing for three days and after being found, she was questioned where she had been and refused to disclose.

However, upon further inquiry by the parents, they found her phone and on the call log was Kipruto who was said to be in constant communication with the girl.

This has ideally been confirmed by Chesumei OCPD Bosita Omukolongolo who intimated that although the age of the girl is yet to be established, they have launched a hunt for the athlete.

“A report was filed at Mosoriot Police Station by the girl’s parents, who are complaining that Kipruto defiled their daughter. We cannot immediately confirm whether the girl is a minor or an adult. However, we are looking for the athlete whose whereabouts remain unknown,” Omukolongolo said.

The girl’s parents claim their daughter had been defiled and has since been taken to hospital for examination.

Responding to this, the OCPD stated that the claims will be established after Kipruto has been arrested and a statement recorded.

“Upon arresting the suspect, we shall record his statement and thereafter conclude investigations into the defilement allegations,” said the OCPD.

Following the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teenage pregnancies have been on the rise with parents calling on the government to take action on those responsible.

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