‘Ofisi Ni Jina Tu’ Fired Tv Anchor Turned To Matatu Tout Says

Former Switch TV Swahili newsman Robert Ouma, who was among the journalists axed from the media house on December 31, 2021, now works as a matatu tout.

He was laid off after the Red Cross-owned station decided to transition from on-air operations and focus on digital space.

Here’s a video of him while working at Switch Tv.


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Taking to Instagram, Ouma stated that none should discriminate work, and that is why he picked the job, looked down upon by many, to try and make an honest living. He noted that he is looking for opportunities in the media industry as that is his strong suit.

“An office is just a name, let’s work. Tout of the week. Rongai massive,” he said in one of his posts.

“I’m about to close work for the day…one should strive to do what they can because this is the situation. An office is just a name, and the money is just as sweet,” he said in another video where he is dressed in a shirt and tie.


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According to Switch TV Chairperson Sahil Shah, the Station opted for revamping in line with the current market demands and technology. In a statement, he had assured viewers that 2022 will be an exciting year for them as they will launch new products as it ventures into the digital space.

“In character with our core philosophy of being responsive to the needs of the youth and with the ambition to become the go-to media platform for the emerging generation, Switch Media has made a conscious decision to build a new strategy around being digital-first,” Shah stated.

“In view of this, Switch Media will be launching new and exciting services and products in this expanding digital space. We hope to grow this brand together with the technology that comes with it. We assure our stakeholders of our continued presence and support,”

he added.


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