Obinna Exposed For Trying To Bribe Jalang’o With Ksh50,000 So That He Helps Him Get The Kiss FM Job

Comedian Jalango has exposed his friend Oga Obinna for trying to bribe him to get the co-host radio presenter job at Kiss FM.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Jalas said Obinna has been following him everywhere for the last one week.

“In the past one week, Obinna has just been following me everywhere, lunch, dinner he comes to my house with a lot of things that I have never seen before. The other day he came with juice and shopping for my wife, the other previous day he came with a bicycle for my daughter.”


In a past interview, Jalango addressed the matter of his replacement. Check it out below.

The former Kiss Fm’s co-host added that Obinna had even given him money so he could push for the slot for him.

Obinna is heard telling Jalango to call the management and ask them to call him.

“Obinna listen, where I come from we do not like giving bribes, so they will call you when the time comes. Why are you worried?”

Jalango asked him.

Obinna explained he is the best adding that he has been spending time at the parking lot with hopes the company will call him.

He said he had seven-years of experience in radio.

“I beat all of them thoroughly. I know and there is self-confidence. I have been sleeping at Kiss FM’S parking lot waiting for them to call me. I know I deserve the job.”

Jalang’o then asked him what he will be bringing to the show.

“I am bringing Obinna and Kamene is safe. I have been fired twice from my previous radio job. They were shutting down. I was called while traveling from Kisumu. We were asked to gather at the boardroom and we were given termination letters.

I have done late-night shows, mid-morning, drive but I have never done breakfast show.”

Obinna added that he knows the first qualification of a breakfast presenter is to wake up early and show up.

“I don’t sleep. I am not coming to replace You, I am coming with my own shoe.”

Jalango said Obinna came with money to bribe me in the name of campaigns.

“He came here with 50k telling me it is for the campaign. Only to realize he is bribing me to talk to my boss. That is uncouth.”

Obinna said he had previously not given Jalango money since he was not in a position to.

“I didn’t have money then but now I have it. Please use that to buy reflector jackets.”

Obinna asked Jalas to stop revealing information as it was a private thing.

Others who have been interviewed for the job include, comedian Tumbili, Owago and Dr. Ofweneke.

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