Nyota Ndogo Lectured By Her Mum Over Decision To Shave Her Hair

Days ago, coast based singer Nyota Ndogo posted a picture of herself with a bald head and this did not impress her fans on social media.

Nyota Ndogo said that she was tired of keeping her hair since the heat in the coastal region was too much to bear on her head.

The photo sparked mixed reactions from fans, with many saying that she did not look good in the new hairdo.

Nyota Ndogo

Now, Nyota Ndogo’s mum is not also impressed with her new look. She is one that believes the beauty of a woman is in her hair.

Taking to her social media, Nyota Ndogo asked why her mother would be bothered by her personal decision to shave her own hair.

“Mamaangu amenipigia simu kunigombeza why nakata nywele nikamuuliza kwani mum kunashida gani?hivi mama anaona mimi ninamatatizo amesema yupo njiani anakuja kutoka mombasa.anaona nipo na stress na mimi sina hata matatizo ya akili.

The singer insisted that she did not shave her hair because of stress or any other mental instability, but because of the economic situation in Kenya currently.

She said her mum is just being worried for no reason.

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