Nyota Ndogo Shares How She Was Detained At Hospital Over Unpaid Bills After Delivering Son

Kenyan Musician Nyota Ndogo has recalled how life was tough when she delivered her son years ago. She shared how she got dumped after getting pregnant with her second born.

Nyota Ndogo

“Even I was dumped. I was left pregnant but I was able to fend for myself and save enough money to afford quality healthcare at the best hospital. This time I could afford to pay for my hospital bill whether normal or CS,” she narrated.

She also revealed how her friends abandoned her and none even came to visit her.

“Nakumbuka nikizuiwa hospital kwakua tulikosa pesa yakulipa kujifungua. Tulikua tumelipa yakujifungua kawaida but nikajifungua na operesheni nilikaa hospital one week juu hatukua na pesa. Sikuona marafiki hata Kuja kuniangalia. Nimejifunza mengi Sana. (I remember being detained at the hospital for one week because we did not have the money to pay for the delivery. I did not see any of my friends during this time. I have learnt a lot.),” she said.

She said she had saved just enough money for a normal delivery, but she fell short when the doctors decided to perform a Cesarean Section.


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