Nyota Ndogo Complains About Ageing As She Steps Out Without Makeup

Coast-based singer Nyota Ndogo recently stepped out without makeup and she was completely unrecognizable.

Nyota Ndogo often wears makeup in photos she posts on social media and other platforms.

The 42-year-old singer looked older than her actual age in a recent post where she complained about ageing fast.

Aki binadamu tunakuaga na maswali but ni ngumu kumuuliza MUNGU nakukujibu.lakini mimi najiuliza mbona umri usiende tu bila mwili kunyauka.yani tusizeeke mwili but the wazee kiumbri tu. (Surely human beings we have questions but it is hard to ask God and He answers you. But I ask myself why can’t we just age without our bodies withering) ,” Nyota Ndogo wrote.

Nyota Ndogo complains about ageing as she steps out without makeup

Nyota Ndogo is married to a Danish man Henning Nielsen who is way older than her.

The singer, who was born on January 3, 1981, came under a scathing attack for marrying the Danish who is 18 years older than her.

The two lovebirds got married in a colourful wedding held in May 2016 after years of dating.

Nyota Ndogo has never been apprehensive talking about her husband’s age publicly.

The 42-year-old Coast-based singer poured out her heart to her Danish husband as he celebrated his 60th birthday on January 27, 2023.

Instagram post shared by @nyota_ndogo

Happy 60th birthday my husband. Hata ufike miaka mia wewe ni wangu mpaka mwisho. Barafu wa moyo wangu nakupenda ama nitasema vipi kwa Kiswahili.The ice cube of my heart. Enjoy your day,” Nyota Ndogo wrote.

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