Nviiri The Storyteller itching for collabo with Stivo Simple Boy

Sol Generations’ Nviiri The Storyteller is eyeing a collabo with Stivo Simple Boy.

Speaking via Mungai Eve YouTube channel the celebrated musician revealed that he would love to see if he and Simple Boy could cook something great in the studios.

Nilipatana na Simple Boy manzee and the management reached out…..I believe anyone in any track with a good direction… So I would like to see if mimi na yeye tunaeza fanya kitu pamoja,” he said.

While the whole request to have Simple in one of his works was random and unexpected, fans are eager to see their works.

Nviiri The Storyteller onlooking Stivo Simple Boy. PHOTO/courtesy

There has been no comment from Simple Boy concerning the collabo.

Nviiri also revealed plans to leave the Sol Generation records come 2025 as it was intended. The hitmaker explained that outfit was founded to help artistes with musical growth and gradually transition out while supporting other upcoming musicians.

“It’s time to graduate” he said.

While the circumstances may be disheartening for fans, the songwriter assured his fans that his departure from the renowned record label doesn’t mean the end of his flourishing music career.

He clarified that there was no friction whatsoever between the members of Sol Generation, that he is simply transitioning to the next stage in his music career.

“Best believe it, there is no hiccups, there’s no nothing, everything was planned”

Nviiri has revealed that he has his own team and so does Bensoul. He further stated that their fans have embraced them as a team.

He explained their content do not clash at any given time. While he creates sad songs, Bensoul tries to balance the equation with romantic songs.

Nviiri explained that they have had gigs on different occasions in the past, and they performed well, which only makes them stronger.

He further clarified that Bensoul as an artiste focuses on Reggae and dancehall, his genre is solely rhyth and soul.

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