NRG Presenter Shaq Turns Into A Cry Baby After Girlfriend Left Him For His Best Friend

Media personality Shaq the Yungin shocked his online followers after confessing that his girlfriend had dumped him and she is now dating his best friend.

In a series of posts, the radio personality seemed to be struggling with the bitter truth that his relationship is over, and that Cindy is dating his close friend and workmate Sean Preezy.

“You messed my whole life Cindy. My mother and my whole grandmother are thinking I have lost it but for what. God bless you but whatever you have done to mean thanks bro. I wish I knew I was less of a bro to you. I have nothing bit love but thank you.

“I honestly can’t believe all this but I will accept it all. God bless you guys. I’m done and I won’t never mean to end like this. posting back to normal now sorry if I’m the one that hurt you Cindy, but was never meant to end like this. Posting back to normal now, sorry for the drama, but I had your back Cindy,” he said.


Shaq went on to apologize to Cindy for any wrongdoing that might have forced her to end their relationship.

“Posting back to normal, still not believing you have been doing me like this…I really apologize if I didn’t do you right. God bless and I wish you all the best.

“Let’s post normal stuff now. I’m honestly just tired. Sorry for the drama guys. I just really trusted these people. God bless and wish all love,”

“Sorry if I messed up, God bless you all. Done wilding, I am and was just hurt,” he added.



Despite Shaq revealing how he was played, Cindy has denied the allegations, saying they broke up a long time ago, before she moved on.

“As I said no one ever says the full story. Did you tell them why we broke up? How you treated me like trash and even have the audacity to lay your hands on me? Nobody cheated on you… It’s been so long since we broke up so who I move on with should not concern you,” Cindy defended herself.

She also shielded Sean, saying;

“And as for Sean… he was always there to catch me when you push me to the ground (Both literally and metaphorically),”


Source: Pulse

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