Noti Flow Surprises Her Girlfriend King Alami With A Brand New Car On Her Birthday (Video)

Foto Moto’ hitmaker Noti Flow has left fans in awe after her sumptuous gift to her girlfriend King Alami.

The talented rapper celebrated her birthday yesterday, March 20, and decided to do contrary to what’s normal (Instead of receiving gifts, she decided to give out the gift) on her birthday.

To celebrate the birthday, Notiflow shared part of her wealth with Alami. She bought her a brand new Volkswagen Polo, estimated to be around Ksh 1.7 Million.

Noti Flow

In a video posted through a popular online tabloid, Alami is seen blindfolded as her giflriend Notiflow leads her to the exorbitant gift.

She unfolds her and they exchange a few hugs upon seeing the gift; with Alami in disbelief.

The two came out as members of LGBTQ last year, with Notiflow admitting she was swept off her feet inadvertently by King Alami.

She shared in sombre how her previous relationship with men have ended in a cul de sac after numerous trials-some ended brutally.

”All my life I searched left right & center for that one true love. I’ve dated boyz with the hopes of loving & staying with them forever only to end in vain. I’ve been used, heartbroken & abused in my previous relationships. I was broken, wounded & hopeless

I didn’t believe love existed anymore 💔 But then I met this girl 😻🎇🎆🧨💕❤️🥰🌈 She changed everything! She showed me the true meaning of true love, loyalty, friendship,” part of her message read.

Alami & Notiflow have recently been spicing up their relationship; evidently through the exquisite photoshoots, it’s needless to say they’re spending more time with each other.

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