Noti Flow Reveals Reason For Breakup With King Alami [SCREENSHOT]

The relationship between musician Noti Flow and her long-time girlfriend King Alami seems to be experiencing cracks as she announced on Saturday that she is not in a relationship at present.

The statement comes as a surprise the Foto Moto hitmaker’s fans, given that just a week ago the two posted a suggestive video together.

In a Q&A session on Saturday, Noti Flow confirmed that she is no longer in a relationship and she is not on speaking terms with King Alami.

Noti Flow

Noti, however, does not seem hang up over the broken relationship as she told her fans that it is a normal part of life.

The rapper has also explained the events which led to the recent breakup, saying that she confirmed some rumours that have been doing rounds concerning Alami.

“There were rumours going round that she’s an escort, I confronted her but she denied. So last [Friday] night she told me she was going to her cousin’s birthday party in Westy, I felt she was lying and decided to follow her on the low and yeah, she went to Runda instead. Some big house. Some old baba opened the gate for her, they hugged and kissed,” Noti narrated.

Noti Flow

Just one month ago, on March 21, the two caused a stir online after the rapper gifted Alami a new car
as a birthday present.

“I surprised my gal with a brand new Volkswagen up. Her birthday is on the 25th but I couldn’t wait. King Alami I love you so fuckin much baby. Sh1.5M is nothing compared to the love I have for you. I’d give you all my wealth if I didn’t have responsibilities,” Noti Flow stated at the time.

When fans asked on Saturday, whether Noti will be taking back the car, she stated that it is Alami’s to keep.

“You don’t take back gifts, it’s petty and uncouth. She can keep it,” the rapper stated.

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