‘No Surgeries, She Is Real!’- Willy Paul Praises Amber Ray’s Curvy Physique

We have to admit Amber Ray’s bootyliscious physique has attracted numerous men both far and wide and most want a taste of her.

Despite being a mum, Amber Ray has defied the odds of motherhood and given mums a run for their money with her unblemished shape & flawless skin.

Her body transformation over the years is one to marvel at & admire.

Amber Ray And Willy Paul

The fact that she accepted to be a second wife in both her previous relationships has bothered several fans, who believe she’s worth more than that and can clinch a billionaire to have her as a first wife.

Either way, both Zaheer & Jimal have the cash.

And they are not the only ones who have had a close relationship with Amber Ray. Musician Willy Paul is also taking his chances with Amber.

Apart from their raunchy video that made rounds last month with Amber grinding on Pozze, the two recently showed that they’re working on some music video together.

Willy Paul posted a lovely photo alongside Amber and captioned;

”They say love is blind, I say love iko rada! Sweet 😋 like chocolate..
We got something for the couples and we did it first.. Can’t wait!

Pozze also went ahead to acknowledge Amber Ray’s curves and opined that they’re real- unlike other female celebrities whom we won’t mention. Via his Instagram, Willy Paul praised Amber as he wrote;

”Good thing about amber is that what she has is real, what’ ur seeing is all real.. hio dress imepiga corner moja real! What a real woman she is! No surgeries hapa! Bless you amber.

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