Njugush Explains Why He Deleted Video After KOT Uproar

Kenya’s beloved content creator Njugush found himself on the wrong side of Twitter streets after he posted a video promoting a client.

Njugush who is known to dislike controversy was also surprised by the turn of events, forcing him to later take down the video.

The bank recently faced criticism on social media which manifested in the comment section, but the comedian reacted with humour as most Kenyans know him for.


After deleting the specific video, he invited Kenyans to talk about the issues they had about the video.

“Have a seat guys, tulieni bana tubonge (calm down let’s talk),” he said in a post, before adding “Kumechemka (The situation has become hot)”.

Some Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) criticised him for posting the advert amid complaints from Kenyans about the brand.

Many of his fans however defended the comedian, saying Njugush was not at fault.

Speaking to a local media house, the funny man said the timing of the video caused the uproar.

“Nothing as sanitising. Actually, it was a scheduled post but the agenda must agend, right?” he said adding that the situation did not affect his brand.

“Timing ndio mbaya (The timing was bad). But affecting nope we’ve been in worse situations bana,” he told Nairobi News.

Away from the recent drama, Njugush is celebrated for pioneering a new age of content creators in the country.

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