Njugush Considering To Officially Change His Name

Timonthy Kimani aka Njugush thinks his comedy name has become a big brand to a point that he now feels it’s time he opted to add his stage name as part of his official names.

This is because just like Jalang’o, the comedian now says people only identify him with Njugush which is why he is planning on having this particular name as part of his government names.

Njugush And wakavinye
Njugush And wakavinye

The celebrated funny man made this known during a recent interview with close friend, Phil Karanja where he not only talked about his journey in the entertainment industry; but also how difficult it has since become for him to distance himself from his stage name.

“I have thought about changing my name to Njugush actually because it is impossible to use them apart.  Going ahead, and I know some people who have already done it for ease. So instead of the alias I just use Njugush and go on with it,” Njugush opened up to Phil Karanja.

The revelation comes a few days after his Through Thick and Thin show that saw about 3000 fans attend. With such effect on people, Njugush now says the only option is to adopt the name.

“Njugush now is being exploited by Timmo and he doesn’t know it yet. He is often used for excuses. When Timmo wants to insult people he uses it.” Comedian Njugush went on to narrate.

Having started using the name Njugush back in 2013, Timonthy Kimani has seen his brand grow over the years hence his many Youtube projects that contributed to his success.

At some point he also started working on his wife’s stage name, Wakavinye which has also become part of Njugush’s big brands in East Africa.

So far the couple continues to create subbranches on their brand hence son, Tugi’s YouTube page which has about 622k followers.

Well with his content and now President Ruto’s attention, it’s only fair to say that Njugush is one big brand and there is no arguing about it.

Just a few days ago the comedian received much praise from the president Ruto, something he says he never saw coming. This is however not the first time Njugush is getting recognized by ‘someone’ more famous than him.

Back in 2014, Lupita Nyong’o applauded Njugush for his funny character not knowing that around the same time, there were a few funny characters trying to pull the comedian down.

“When we started shooting ‘Real House Helps of Kawangware’, there is a bigwig who tweeted, blasting us for producing ‘show ya mamboch’. Wanafanya show ya mamboch na wanataka kufika level ya Lupita Nyong’o. Hawawezi fika by creating such shows.”

But to his surprise, turns out he was doing something right after receiving a tweet from Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong’o.

“A few months later, I woke up to congratulatory messages. On checking why, I saw Lupita had tweeted saying she was watching our show. ‘Watching Real House helps of Kawangware. God bless Njugush.’ At the time I was called Funny Njugush. After Lupita’s tweet is when I changed my name to Blessed Njugush. We worked hard on the show till it became the most-watched show on TV.” Njugush said proudly.

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