‘Niliwawarn’- Moya David flaunts multi-million Mercedes G-Wagon

TikTok sensation Moya David has recently taken to his social media pages to flaunt a multi-million Mercedes G-Wagon barely weeks after he announced the sale of his prestigious establishment, Moya City Spa.

The dancer posted a photo standing next to a sleek black Mercedes Benz G-Wagon and dropped a caption seemingly directed at his critics following recent rumour mills.

“Niliwawarn,” he captioned.

Kenyan TikToker Moya David. PHOTO/Moya David(@moyadavid1)/Instagram

However, the TikToker who doubles as an entrepreneur did not confirm whether the luxury ride was his nor did he say it was new.

The price of a Mercedes G-wagon in Kenya ranges from ksh12 million to Ksh33 million.

This comes days after Moya announced that he was selling his prestigious spa, Moya City Spa located in Nairobi at Ksh 4.5 million.

The news of the sale left many netizens speculating that the highly sought-after TikToker was undergoing some financial struggles of some sought.

Moya quickly dispensed the speculations noting that the reason for putting up the spa for grabs was so as to focus on a new venture.

Moya confidently told off critics asserting that he didn’t owe anyone an explanation on how he chose to conduct his business.

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