Nigerian Singer Ruger says He Has no Problem With Kenyan Man Impersonating Him

Nigerian Singer Afrobeats star Michael Adebayo Olayinka well known as Ruger has shared that  he has no problem with Kenyan man impersonating him.

Ruger said the ‘Kenyan Ruger’ is just a man trying to hustle and in the process he is helping by promoting his songs.

“he’s just trying to hustle he’s actually promoting my songs.”

In a viral video online, a man who would easily be mistaken for the singer, wearing the same eye patch and pink hair, performed to an eager and excited crowd. He performed Ruger’s songs as the crowd sang along.

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The man is Kenyan upcoming artist Aston Kenya also known as Ruger wa Kayole.

After the video went viral, Kenyans on social media expressed that Aston was playing a risky game while others warned him against impersonation and copyright infringement.

“This is a risky affair. Ruger may sue him for impersonation and Copyright infringement. He might end up paying dearly, especially if he is making money from it.”

“Ruger should sue them for impersonation.”

“It will end in tears for the photocopy and organisers. It’s fun until they catch up..uliza Hushpuppi.”

“Very risky! VERYYYYY!!!! If and when Ruger decides to collect his coins from you that’s when you will also lose an arm and a leg, leave alone the one eye.”

The recent interview has left many praising the ‘girlfriend’ hitmaker for supporting others in the industry.

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