Nicah the Queen Re-Unites With Her Boyfriend After 2 Days Of Break-Up

Dr. Ofweneke’s ex-wife Nicah the Queen has been called out by fans who claim she was chasing clout following her break up with his hunk boyfriend DJ Slahver just 2 days ago.

According to Nicah, love between the two had already faded after they dated for over a year; so they decided to call it quits. Her message on Instagram read;

”Slahver and I have decided to call it quits and go our separate ways! People can fall in love and they can also fall out. All in all we move on regardless! I wish him nothing but the best!”

Nicah The Queen

On the flipside, the DJ made no comment upon seeing Nicah’s sentiments. Which insinuated a probable reason that they were just having a small disagreement- the normal relationship type of disagreements. But Nicah decided to make haste in concluding that they’re no longer together.

Either way, Nicah is now back to Slahver. And she claims she has never been this happier. Upon re-igniting their love, Nicah explained that she’s now deeply in love with him;

”And God said it cannot end just like that!! And mahn don’t I love you more now? Let’s hustle together and make our lives better”

She also maintained that their break-up was legit and she wasn’t chasing clout;

”I don’t chase clout!! Tumepaka relationship kaluma ikapona”

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