Nicah The Queen Washes Amber Ray’s Dirty Linen Online, Calls Her A Husband Snatcher

To say that world war 3 raged yesterday on the interwebs would be an understatement.

The reason for my hyperbole was the fight that was witnessed between Nicah the Queen and Amber Ray on social media.

Nicah was the aggressor (just like Russia) when she decided to write a whole diatribe against Amber calling her a husband snatcher.

“This is a small notice from Nicah to my fellow women/wives! Kindly let’s put our husbands in prayers like never before. Sasa imagine ukose kumuombea atoke hapap nje apatane an Amber Ray akuabishe in public ata ukimsamehe kila mtu anajua. So let’s pray for our husbands.”

She wrote,

“Even when laziness is hidden behind prayers, it still shows when your husband leaves you for a hard worker and end up starting amazing shows like Dr. Ofweneke live. Anyway, online games don’t make me money, let us focus on the games that we can bet on with.”

She would go on to sneak-diss with another post hinting that Amber’s constant refrain to bathe was a cover for skin-lightening.

I still don’t know what caused Nicah to start this war with Amber but there must be something more going on behind the scenes.

Nicah’s unprecedented attack on her must be a shock as there was no fore-warning for it.

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