“Ni Stress Ama Ni Kitu Ingine?” Carrol Sonnie Questioned After Sudden Weight Loss (Photos)

Content creator Carrol Sonnie has unveiled her latest photos and a video shared on her Instagram hoping to push a new project she’s been working on for the past few weeks.

From what we’ve seen is that the project aims at inspiring, nurturing and training single mums.

Well, after months of being one – looks like Ms Sonnie is now willing to use her experience to inspire women who’ve been in the same position as hers.

Carrol Sonnie

Well – judging from the comments, most of the people felt the new mum should probably spend more time in therapy to work on herself, especially after seeing how bad her relationship with Mulamwah ended.

Carrol Sonnie

Apart from this, there are those who couldn’t help but notice how petite Carrol Sonnie has since become after giving birth.

Carrol Sonnie

However 7 months down the line and Carrol Sonnie is back to looking like abit too skinny, something that has worried her fans. There are those who openly asked about the weight loss, while others concluded this was a result of the stress she’s been through so far.

Carrol Sonnie

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