“NHIF Ni Muhimu” Mejja Says As He Recounts Moment He Was Forced To Undergo Surgery

Mejja Meme Hadhija, better known as Mejja, has urged his fans to prioritize having a health Insurance cover.

In a recent interview with a local podcast, the genge rapper who is also a former member of The Kansoul group, spoke candidly about his hospitalization, which occurred just days after releasing the popular song “Bablas”.


Mejja said that he started having a recurring stitch, which he ignored. However, the pain eventually became too much, and he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

“We released ‘Bablas,’ and then I found myself in an ambulance. The song was a huge success, while I was admitted to the hospital,” Mejja explained, revealing a significant medical procedure he had undergone.

After a CT scan wich is a computerized x-ray imaging procedure. The doctors told Mejja that he had suffered a ruptured appendix, which is a serious condition that can lead to sepsis and death if not treated promptly. They recommended immediate surgery.

“My appendix was full and on the verge of bursting, which could have led to organ failure. I was all alone and completely unprepared. I signed the consent form,” Mejja disclosed.

He further revealed that his mother was unaware of his surgery, adding, “The nurse informed me that I woke up from anesthesia talking about money.”
Discussing the financial implications of the ordeal, Mejja admitted that he did not have health insurance at the time.It was his colleague, Madtraxx who enlightened him about the importance of insurance and connected him with individuals who provided assistance.

“I didn’t have NHIF and that cost me a lot,” Mejja confessed, “Maddrax informed me about health insurance, and I was able to arrange a good deal. I urge my fans to prioritize having health insurance.”

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