Betty Kyallo has been warned against going back to her ex-lover lawyer Nick Ndeda who recently confessed that he misses her.

Nick described Betty as a good person.

“I miss certain things about her, I won’t lie. She is a good person. Good energy and all,” Nick said.

Nick Ndeda And Betty Kyalo

When the two broke up, Betty said they had different ways of how they looked at certain things.

“At some point, things just don’t work out. In a relationship, it is about getting to know each other. It got to a place where we were just not seeing the same direction with regards to the relationship.”

Nick denied falling in love with Betty Kyallo because of her fame.

“Betty is a really good person. What you see on socials, is like 10 percent of who she is. I am not starstruck by people. I have suffered through life so I am not fazed by anyone or anything. I fell in love with Betty for who she is and not her societal status,” he said.

Well, the message got to the beautiful media personality Betty Kyallo who cheekily responded;

“Alaaaaar! Mtoto Mkamba usicheze,”.

Fans who commented on the story asked the lawyer to move on warning Betty not to take him back.

On the same note, others wished Betty and Nick took each other back.

Check out the comments;


Usirudi kwa Nick 😂😂 anataka kukupea character development safi.

Myner Beth:

Ex wako aki kumiss jua amekataliwa huko aliko eenda or God is testing your stupeeendity. ^Wise woman and a drunkard advice.

Queen JJ:

We keep good memories but missing ex that can’t happen, accept it was never meant to be, And move on .when happiness locates u can’t even recall u had an ex.

Maureen Wendy:

Mtu akirudi soko ndio some men u man up and they realize it when it is too late…..

Jaber Caroline:

Community husband amekataliwa sasa ana miss ex.

Maurine Sine Akoth:

Betty ukijaribu tu… Wewe kwisha.

Judy Paul:

Kama mliachana msirudiane tena, mtafanya sisi wasambazaji wa habari tuonekane waongo.

In a previous Interview on Jalang’o TV, Ndeda said they had planned to keep thing under wraps but that changed after their photos were leaked to the public through blogger Edgar Obare.

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