Nduru Man Reveals He’s battling Leukaemia

TikTok creator Ian Asunya who is popularly known as ‘nduru man’, has revealed why he has not been creating content for the last four months.

Speaking during an interview with YouTube creator 2mbili, Asunya conveyed that he has blood cancer, which sometimes limits him from creating his content.

“Lakini unajua kuna ugonjwa flani inaitwa Leukemia, sometimes symptoms ziko. Kuna vitu naeza do but unajua mi hu-risk.

“(There is a condition known as Leukaemia. There are things I can do, but sometimes there are symptoms, and I still risk),” nduru man said.

Nduru Man

The fast-rising TikTok creator said that, unlike other people, he chose to keep the condition private because it is a personal matter.

“(I keep my issues private. People are different. Some share their issues while others post on social media),” he said.

According to Asunya, sometimes the effects of the condition are too much, and he cannot continue with normal creation as before.

“(Sometimes, when it strikes, I can’t scream. I have not been creating content for four months),” he said.

Nduru man said he had not been able to share content since his last viral video in July 2022, where he shouted former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s name outside State House.

The father of one revealed that he had been resting after going to the hospital and is running a delivery business in Nairobi’s central business district.

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