Nasra Comedian Confirms Breakup With Hubby Rashid

Former Churchill show comedian Nasra Yusuf has confirmed that she parted ways with her husband and fellow comedian Director Rashid.

Nasra announced the breakup with a long social media post – acknowledging that her marriage to Rashid is over,

She went on to admit that she fought for her relationship to the point she lost touch with her family and career.

“So yes I am single…Anyone that knows me, knows that I fought for that relationship. I lost touch with family because of it, I lost myself and my career because of it, I lost friends because of it, and I got constant criticism from my community because of it but I was still willing to make it work even though the roots of our problems were the same year in year out for 5 years,” Nasra said in Part.

Nasra Yusuff

The comedian (Nasra) detailed that it has been a tough season – accepting that her marriage is over has not been easy.

“Moving on hasn’t been easy on me, I had very extremely low moments, I cried myself to sleep, I broke down several times in front of friends and strangers, I was in denial, and I had so much regret, but I finally accepted that it was time to close that chapter

I went through all the stages of grief and were it not for my mom, sister, and friends, I would have sunk even deeper, so thank you guys for walking with me during this hard period,” she remarked.

She went on to wish Director Rashid all the best in life, despite them going their separate ways.

“I sincerely wish Director Rashid the best life has to offer, you are an incredible human being, you deserve to be happy and you also deserve someone better.. may Allah open doors for you, and may you never lack amin🙏🙏

Adding its time she gives her Somali people a chance.

“Sasa ni kurudi soko!!!…wacoast tushamalizana😂, I think I’ll come back home, Somali men it’s your time to shock me🤣🤣 let’s meet at diamond plaza 2 for modesty fashion show on the 10th Dec mnispoil na love🥰❤️Hassan Gantaal will be performing!!! MC Jessy will be hosting, all your favourite celebs will be in the building!!..(this event is part of my healing journey, come one come all, and support me in making it a success🙏)

This is not the first time the two are breaking up. In December last year, the couple again announced that they were no longer together before rekindling their love.

They informed their fans that they had ironed out their differences and were still together as a couple.

In July 2022, the two (Nasra and Rashid) announced that they had lost their unborn baby.

“Loosing my little angel before I even met him/her makes it even harder to process I was way too excited for this journey, I had everything, from the name to the sort of life he/she would have all figured out in my mind..oh how I wish I just saw your little face, my baby,” Nasra captioned a picture of herself in a hospital bed.

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